Part III of III
Part II of III
Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on $ROKU

January 2022

4th post of the 500 hour project

November 2021

A homerun, a single and a balk

August 2021

Synopsis from reading 117 Investor Letters (and counting)
Playstudios ($MYPS) – Priced for catastrophe, gambling that its not so bad

July 2021

2nd Post of 500 Hours Project
Indivior (INDV): The Pepsi of Opioid treatment, catalyst rich w/ >150% upside
Sub-institutional investing by a Sub-terranean man

June 2021

Welcome to The 500 Hour Project - 8-10 institutionally constrained ideas vetted for 50 hours each over the course of a year In the meantime, tell your…